Young women in Public Affairs Award

The goal of the Zonta International Young Women in Public Affairs (YWPA) Award Program is to honour young women of age 16 to 19 who demonstrate a commitment to leadership in public policy, government, and volunteer organizations.

The competition begins at the local level with each Zonta Club eligible to nominate one candidate for the District award by submitting the application to the District Governor by April 1st. In District 4, the District winner receives $1,500 US, and the opportunity to compete for one of ten Zonta International awards of $4,000 US. Young women interested in this award programme should contact their local Zonta Club for instructions on how to apply.

Since the program’s inception, Zonta has awarded 888 awards (includes international awards), totaling US$924,750, to 756 young women representing 56 countries.

The Young Women in Public Affairs (YWPA) Award Program was established in 1990. The program goal is to encourage more young women to participate in public affairs by recognizing a commitment to the volunteer sector, evidence of volunteer leadership achievements and a dedication to empowering women worldwide through service and advocacy. Applicants of age 16-19 on 1st April each year, living in a Zonta district/region, or a citizen of a Zonta country, who demonstrate evidence of the following, are eligible to apply. Note that applicants from geographic areas within a Zonta district/region where no clubs are located will be considered and also eligible to apply for the district/region Award. Z and Golden Z club members are also eligible to apply. Classified members and employees of Zonta International and Zonta International Foundation and their family members are not eligible to apply for the Awards.

Note: Zonta International is making changes to the 2020 YWPA award.  Outline of 2020 YWPA changes.

Meet Our 2020 District 4 YWPA Winner

Sarah Rollings,

graduated from Depew High School & application submitted by ZC of Cheektowaga-Lancaster.



Meet Our 2019 District 4 YWPA Winner

Amal Qayum,

Application submitted by Zonta Club of Niagara Falls, ON


The form may be downloaded and printed from the Zonta International web site:

Contact your nearest Zonta Club or the Awards Office of your college or university for more information.

Winners of the Young Women in Public Affairs Award and sponsoring Zonta Club

2020       Sarah Rollings, Zonta Club of Cheektowaga-Lancaster, NY

2019       Amal Qayum, Zonta Club of Niagara Falls, ON Canada (also an  International winner)

2018       Sanah Handu, Zonta Club of Washington County, PA
2017       Eva Wanyu Ren, Zonta Club of St. Catharines, ON (also an  International winner)
2016       Karen Hakim, Zonta Club of Kitchener-Waterloo, ON
2015       Alexandria Iwanenko, Zonta Club of Hamburg-Orchard Park, NY
2014       Christina Weber, Zonta Club of St. Catharines, ON
2013       Soumitri Barua, Zonta Club of Olean, NY (also an International winner)
2012       Wendy Liao, Zonta Club of Toronto, ON (also an  International winner)
2011       Hannah Nicholls-Harrison, Zonta Club of Owen Sound, ON
2010       Bethany Saul, Zonta Club of Hamburg-Orchard-Park, NY (also an International winner)
2009       Jillian Meyers, Zonta Clubs of Hamilton 1 and 2, ON
2008       Katrin Sawatzky, Zonta Club of Kitchener-Waterloo, ON
2007       Kathleen Simon, Zonta Club of Olean, NY
2006       Lyndsay Crump, Zonta Club of St. Catharines, ON  (also an International winner)
2005       Gillian S Hawley, Zonta Club of Batavia, NY
2004       Sara Mojtehedzadeh, Zonta Club of Guelph, ON
2003       Jennifer Hustwit, Zonta Club of Kitchener-Waterloo, ON
2002       Katherine Hui, Zonta Clubs of Hamilton 1 and 2, ON (also an International winner)
2001       Jennifer Sloane, Zonta Club of Kitchener-Waterloo,ON
2000       Phoebe Smith, Zonta Club of St. Catharines, ON
1999       Teresa Chan, Zonta Club of Niagara Falls, ON
1998       Beata Moninca Gomulak, Zonta Club of Erie, PA
1997       Praseedha Janakarim, Zonta Club of Guelph, ON
1996       Emily Suzanne Hanlin, Zonta Club of Jamestown, NY
1995       Laura Zilney, Zonta Club of Kitchener-Waterloo, ON
1994       Jill Carter, Zonta Club of Kitchener-Waterloo, ON
1993       Judith Syme Parker, Zonta Club of Niagara Falls, ON (also an International winner)
1992       Laurie Anne Halfpenny, Zonta Club of Guelph, ON

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