Individual Membership        

Pilot Program 


Persons who wish to join Zonta but not a club can now apply for individual membership with Zonta International.

Making Zonta Work for you

Additional Individual Membership Resources are available within My Zonta on Zonta International website. You will also find some additional resources for your clubs on the Membership Tools page.


More information and Individual Membership Form.

Who can become an individual member?

Anyone who agrees to support our mission and operate in the Zonta way (bylaws, nonpartisan, nonsectarian, etc.)

Why become an individual member?

We know that for some people who are committed to our mission are not able to attend meetings or not something they wish to do at the present time. Individual Membership provides them with another membership option that allows them to join and support Zonta in a way that works for them.

What dues will individual members pay and to whom?

Dues are the same as per capita club member dues. Individual members will pay the new member fee. They will not pay club or district dues unless they transfer to a club. Individual members will pay their dues to ZI Headquarters who will be their key link to Zonta.

Can individual members apply for membership online?

Not initially. All applications must be made to headquarters using the Individual Membership Application Form.