Meeting-Up With Like Minded Women!

Our objective was to give you a Workshop that was worthy of your time. We hope we’ve achieved it.

Bonnie Clesse, Governor District 4

Area Meetings/Workshops are a one-day event held each April/May to update members on the latest procedures and information on activities within Zonta. Two to three Meetings/Workshops are held covering the Northern, Southern and Central areas within District 4 allowing Zonta members to attend within a reasonable distance from their homes.


WEB of confusion? Let’s clear it up! Bring your own (fully charged) Laptop or Tablet. Get Hands-on personal help to navigate D4 & ZI websites.

Not just furniture: What does a Chair do? What does an AD do? A Club Chair? District Chair? How does it all fit together so we can work together?

Getting better with age – 100 is more than just a number! Club Centennial Celebrations

Look at me! Breaking News! You planned it. Now get them to come – PR.

Young & Zuper –How to: Start a Z Club. Make your Z Club a Service Project.

Create a “BUZZ”, but “BEE” safe –How to use Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can use these to recruit new members & promote Club events.

D4 Area

Meetings / Workshops

this Year


District 4 will host two or three Area Meetings each year. These meetings are intended to function as seminars so we need both new & more experienced members. There is something new for everyone. The Agenda for the most part is the same for all Workshops. Some of the Presenters & Table Topics Facilitators are the same. Some, for various reasons, are different but they all cover the same subjects.


What’s New: Diverse Roundtable Discussions with nifty new titles, a new activity comes from Lt. Gov. Janice Durmis of ZC Erie, PA: making your own square for our Centennial Quilt. We also have more once-in-a-lifetime Centennial things.


What’s similar: Retained many old favorites like Clubs’ Sales Stores, chances to “Mix & Meet” & the Presidents Tables. Everyone has an opportunity to Give & Receive for all to benefit.


Workshop Presentations

Area 5 & 6, ZC of Jamestown, NY April 13, 2019 Gallery, Award Nominees & Winners 

Area 1 & 2, ZC of Kitchener-Waterloo, ON April 27, 2019 Gallery, Award Nominees & Winners 

Area 3 & 4, ZC of Kenmore, NY May 4, 2019 Gallery, Award Nominees & Winners 

8:30 am


Breakfast, Shopping, & Socialising

9:15 am

from Host Club President & Host Area Director

Greetings & Acknowledgement of Past & Present Officers and Housekeeping Items

9:25 am
Zonta International Information & Updates

With Governor, Bonnie Clesse

9:25 AM
Foundation Ambassador
9:45 AM
Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee’s Presentation PDF

10:05 AM

Refreshments, Shopping & Socializing

10:20 aM
Table Topics


Round One


10:50 am
Table Topics

Round Two

11:20 am
District 4 Centennial

Awards for Canada or USA Discussion & Decision

12:00 Pm
Lunch & Quilt Square Making

Add your signature, Centennial Thoughts, Inspiring Words

1:00 Pm

Membership Presentation PDF

1:15 Pm
Centennial Travelling Flag
1:25 Pm
Service Panel
1:50 Pm
D4 Website

Discovering the new D4 website

2:10 Pm
2:25 Pm
District 4 Centennial Conference

D4 Centennial Conference Presentation PDF

2:35 Pm
Announcements & Invites

Club Events, Awards, & Reminders

2:45 Pm
Thank YOu & Wrap UP 

Farewell & Safe Travels Home

Workshop Galleries


What Happened where?

Area 5 & 6 

The Marvin House
2 West 5th Street
Jamestown, NY 14701 USA 

 Area 1 & 2

 Sunbridge Hotel & Conference Centre

200 Holiday Inn Dr.  Cambridge, ON N3C 1Z4  519-658-4115  

Area 3 & 4

Classics’ V Banquet & Conference
2425 Niagara Falls Boulevard
Amherst, NY 14228 USA


Meet Our Speakers

Janice Durmis
Janice Durmis

Lt. Governor, Membership, & Travelling Flag Chair, District 4

Kathryn (Kat) Bunyan McClendon & Sheena Poole
Kathryn (Kat) Bunyan McClendon & Sheena Poole

D4 Communication Social Media & Website Co-chairs

Bonnie Clesse
Bonnie Clesse

Governor, District 4

Jill Coluburn, Nancy McCulloch & Lori Robinson
Jill Coluburn, Nancy McCulloch & Lori Robinson

Nominating Co-chairs District 4

Toni Majchrzak
Toni Majchrzak

District 4 Centennial Conference Chair

Lori Robinson & Kathy Smith
Lori Robinson & Kathy Smith

Foundation Ambassadors, District 4

Brenda Graham, Nita McCown/Karen Grant, Jenny Johnston, Gina Orsini, Diane Balaban, Ann Marie West
Brenda Graham, Nita McCown/Karen Grant, Jenny Johnston, Gina Orsini, Diane Balaban, Ann Marie West

District 4 Area Directors

Sheena Poole & Judy Powers
Sheena Poole & Judy Powers

Service Co-chairs, District 4

Lee Fogarty, Kyle Patterson, Connie Deckert, Julie Brown
Lee Fogarty, Kyle Patterson, Connie Deckert, Julie Brown

Advocacy Co-chairs District 4

Zonta District 4