Niagara Falls ON Canada, June 14th to 16th, 2013


Over 180 Zontians from all over North America met for the weekend in beautiful Niagara Falls Ontario. As promised, presentations from each of the workshops are presented below. If you want any further information, please feel free to email the presenter.

Workshop Selection

Track 1


Track 2


Track 3


Track 4


1A-Levels of Leadership and the Zonta Leader

1A Levels of Leadership

2A – Advocacy 101: What is it and why do we need it

2A Advocacy 101 Finding Your Zonta Voice

2A ADVOCACY 101 – notes

3A – Make Zonta a winner in today’s competitive market

3A Make Zonta a Winner

4A – Create the new Zonta with new members and great meetings

4A New Zonta Board Training Leader Notes with adjustments
4A New Zonta Introduction
4A New Zonta Personality Exercise
4A New Zonta Presidents Handbook
4A New Zonta Section Five – Documents
4A New Zonta Section Four – Membership
4A New Zonta Section One – Leadership
4A New Zonta Section Three – Meeting Management
4A New Zonta Section Two – Club Board and Committee Chairs

1B –Explore membership options with E-clubs

1B Exploring membership options with e-clubs

2B – Handle Zonta conflict and difficult people

2B Conflict

3B – Use all media to highlight Zonta in your community

3B Use All Media to Highlight Zonta in Your Community

3B Thoughts from a Facebook Administrator

4B – Advocacy 301: Design and implement  a District-wide advocacy platform

4B ADVOCACY 301 District Platform

1C – Zonta Leaders leading change

1C Case Studies for Zonta Leaders Leading Change

1C Zonta Leaders Leading Change

2C – Zonta and the United Nations

2C Zonta and the UN

3C – Target Zonta to a diverse audience

3C Target Zonta to a Diverse Audience

4C – Develop a Club strategy to fight human trafficking

4C Zonta Niagara Trafficking Club Project

1D – Share a Servant Leadership vision for Zonta

2D – Understand personality types and how to work together

2D Different Personalities

3D – Use PR to highlight local advocacy and service

3D Connie Advocacy Presentation_June13

3D Elevate your PR to the Penthouse Level

3D Zonta Says No

4D – Plan a strategy to take Zonta fundraising to a new level

4D Fundraising for NAIDM-French
4D Fundraising French – Note Pages


Attendees at the gravesite of Marian deForest

Attendees at the gravesite of Marian deForest during the Zonta History Tour